Principal Investigator

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Jovan Tatar, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, University of Delaware

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


2016      Ph.D., University of Florida

2013      MS, University of Florida

2011      BS, University of Montenegro

Research Interests

  • Durability of building materials

  • Reinforced and prestressed concrete

  • Fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite reinforcement

  • Construction polymers

  • Shape-memory alloys

  • Materials characterization

Graduate Students

Sophia Rupp

MS student (expected graduation: Spring 2023)

Project: Design of Anchors for Rapid and Durable Strengthening of Bridges with Externally Bonded Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers

Ajay Baniya

Ph.D. student (expected graduation: Fall 2024)

Project: Durability of Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composite Retrofits in Concrete Structures

Abass Okeola

Ph.D. student (expected graduation: Spring 2023)

Project: Biomimetic Adhesives for Structural Applications

Sandra Milev

Ph.D. student (expected graduation: Spring 2023)

Project: Multifunctional Building Sealants and Composites

Christian Viniarski

MS student (expected graduation: Summer 2021)

Project: Design of Anchors for Rapid and Durable Strengthening of Bridges with Externally Bonded Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers

Ali Cicek

MS student (expected graduation: Fall 2021)

Project: Ultra-High Performance Concrete Connections in Bridges

Undergraduate Students

Jorge Hernandez

BS Civil Engineering 2020

Samuel Saxon

BS Civil Engineering 2020

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Arkabrata (Arka) Sinha

MS Fall 2019

Thesis: Experimental and Numerical Evaluation of Rapid Post-tensioning of Damaged Reinforced Concrete Girders with Unbonded Near-surface Mounted Shape-memory Alloy Wires

Current Position: Ph.D. student at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell

Ahnaf Morshed

MS Summer 2018

Thesis: Nanoengineered Adhesive Interfaces for Environmentally Challenging Critical Coastal Infrastructure Applications

Current Position: Ph.D. student at Florida International University

Tyler Young

BS Civil Engineering 2019; ACI Foundation Fellowship Recepient

Project: Self-Sensing Structural Strengthening System (S5)

Current Position: Ph.D. Student at the University of Louisiana

Cameron Gautreaux

BS in Civil Engineering 2020

Project: Nanonegineered Structural Epoxy Adhesives for Critical Coastal Infrastructure Applications

Jennifer Choi

BS Petroleum Engineering 2017; McNair's Fellow

Project: Nanoindentation Characterization of Rock Salt


Current position: Offshore Engineer at Schlumberger

Halliet Danel

BS Civil Engineering 2017

Project: Nanoengineered Structural Epoxy Adhesives for Environmentally Challenging Infrastructure Applications

Current Position: Graduate Engineer at Scheibe Consulting, Austin, TX

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