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Principal Investigator

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Jovan Tatar, Ph.D. / CV

Associate Professor, University of Delaware

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


2016      Ph.D., University of Florida

2013      MS, University of Florida

2011      BS, University of Montenegro

Research Interests

  • Durability of building materials

  • Reinforced and prestressed concrete

  • Fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite reinforcement

  • Construction polymers

  • Shape-memory alloys

  • Materials characterization

Graduate Students

Jason Lennon

Ph.D. Student (expected graduation: Fall 2026

Project: Biomimetic Adhesives for Structural Applications

Muhammad Ishfaq

Ph.D. student (expected graduation: Summer 2025)

Project: Design of Anchors for Rapid and Durable Strengthening of Bridges with Externally Bonded Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers

Shagata Das

Ph.D. Student (expected graduation: Summer 2025)

Project: TuFF Internal Wrap for Rapid Pipeline Repair (TuFF iWRAP)

Sophia Rupp

MS student (expected graduation: Spring 2023)

Project: Design of Anchors for Rapid and Durable Strengthening of Bridges with Externally Bonded Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers

Ajay Baniya

Ph.D. student (expected graduation: Fall 2024)

Project: Durability of Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composite Retrofits in Concrete Structures

Sandra Milev

Ph.D. student (expected graduation: Spring 2023)

Project: Multifunctional Building Sealants and Composites

Ali Cicek

Ph.D. student (expected graduation: Summer 2024)

Project: Ultra-High Performance Concrete Connections in Bridges


  • Abass Abayomi Okeola (M.S.) Graduated: Winter 2023; Thesis: “Adhesion of Mussel Byssus to Concrete” 

  • Ali Cicek (M.S.) Graduated: Fall 2022; Thesis: “Fracture Behavior of Interfaces between High Performance Concrete and Ultra High Performance Concrete.” Current position: Ph.D. Student, University of Delaware

  • Saber Larfi (M.S.) Graduated: Fall 2022; Thesis: “Bonding of Overlays to Ultra High Performance Concrete” Current position: Graduate Engineer, Pennoni

  • Christian Viniarski (M.S.) Graduated: Summer 2021; Thesis: “Experimental Assessment of U-Wrap Anchorage in Reinforced Concrete Girders Strengthened with Externally Bonded CFRP.” Current position: Staff Engineer, Mulhern+Kulp

  • Arkabrata Sinha (M.S.) Graduated: Fall 2019; Thesis: “Experimental and numerical evaluation of rapid post-tensioning of damaged reinforced concrete girders with unbonded near surface mounted shape-memory alloy wires.” Current position: Ph.D. student, University of Massachusetts Lowell

  • Syed Ahnaf Morshed (M.S.) Graduated in Summer 2018; Thesis: “Durability Properties of Nanomodified FRP-Concrete Adhesive Joints.” Current position: Ph.D. student, Florida International University

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